Press Release

It’s February and I’m on Faria Beach out in front of the house laying with my 3-year old granddaughter Aubrey.  She’s earnestly working on her mud sand castle watching the mud dry through her closed small hand like I showed her while she patiently watches the drips as they slowly mount higher and higher to make the swirly mud roof to.  The weather is clear, sunny and beautiful and the breeze feels wonderful.  I smile as I watch the breeze gather u my granddaughter’s blond curls making them bounce against her beautiful small little neck.  As she stands and grabs her bucket to go get more water for her “mud” roof, I hear my son shout out, “Mom.”  I stand u and see that Kim Kiyosaki has arrived.  She is interviewing me for her upcoming seminar at which I will be a key note speaker.  We met two years earlier at a women’s conference that she was holding and I fought tirelessly to maintain connection with her.  As my success grew we talked more regularly and now here we are sending time together.

I wave my son down so he can watch his daughter, Aubrey, while I go u on the porch to seak with Kim.  I move quickly u to toward the house and u the orch sets quickly.  Kim smiles and says “Gosh, this is a beautiful sot.  Just gorgeous. So quiet.  And I don’t see tons of  ________  ”

Jacquie:  “Thank you, It is beautiful, isn’t it.”.  I feel blessed to come here. This home has been in our family for three generations and now my sister and I own it.

Kim:  “This is the perfect lace to catch u.  Thanks for having me.”

I offer her something to drink and bring out iced tea for both of us.  We chat a bit about the women’s seminar, family, our mutual friend, Bryan Burke who connected me with  that she was leading u  in Santa Barbara.  Santa Barbara is 20 minutes north of us so it was convenient for her to sot