Week 23–Let it go!

Well, Spring Break went way too fast!  I had it all “planned out” that I would knock off several chores on my list.  Hmmmmm!  That didn’t happen..  But guess what?  I’m not going to allow myself to feel guilty about it.  And no, I’m not using that excuse either to feel better about not getting everything done.  The fact is I concede that I have too much on my plate and will look forward to a little extra time when class is over. No, I’m not going to feel bad about that. I just let it all go and because I did, the Law of Less Effort fell into place  and amazing things did indeed happen.   Miracles everywhere!

After watching Mark’s video for week 23, I realized that the class had made more of an undeniable affect on me than I originally understood.   Yesterday I found myself deleting  my half-written response to a politically biased post on Facebook.  Normally, I feel the need to leave my two cents in that area quite often.  Now, I just catch myself, and immediately am able to make the self observation that this is just my ego wanting to make an appearance and  nothing else; and that everything I need to offer in that opinion is essentially meaningless because it doesn’t stem from my need to improve someone’s else’s circumstances but from my own need to be right!  How silly is that?  I found myself smiling at that and what a relief it was to now go forth with a need that truly doesn’t represent me.  What a weight off my shoulders!

I’m a worrier at heart.  Yes, it’s been with my forever and most likely won’t change, however, I can handle it better now.  That’s a relief worth weight 26 weeks for. It is. The coping strategies I’ve gained through the workshop, the readings and  the exercise sets have added a very valid and common sensible approach to handling the “small stuff” in life–something your friendly upbeat Facebook post will never ever do.




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