Week 21–It’s More Than A Smile, It’s a Miracle!

SolomonIt’s  been a rather eventful week for me. By now, I know better than to think that happened by chance.  It did not.  You see, over the past several months, I have begun to change the way I look at things.  And, in turn, as I’ve been reminded several times during our Master Key Program, when I change the way I look at things, the things I look at change.

Indeed the most rewarding of this vision is the reality that every wonderful moment that I am blessed enough to experience is an honest-to-God miracle.  As a Special  Ed teacher, I experience a lot of miracles.  When “Savanna” jumps out of line in the hallway to hug me and tell me she loves me at the risk of being reprimanded by her Kindergarten teacher “that’s a miracle.”  When “Daniel,” a 4th grader with Asberger’s writes 60 words in less than three minutes summarizing Chicken Little when he’s never written more than 4 words, that’s a miracle.  When all my students pass their chapter test this week, which was difficult, that was a miracle.

And then there are all the miracles I enjoy outside of work.  Miracles really are happening all day long. It’s just that I didn’t always see them as such.  Even the not-so-obvious miracles that led me down a different road are miracles….or at least that’s how I view them now.  Losing half my income was a miracle leading me down another path, forcing me to stretch myself and answer the question, “What is it that I’m pretending not to know? ”   It led me to enjoy new experiences, teach in a wonderful new school where I met wonderful new friends, introduced  me to a new business and to the Master Key program where I have learned to recognize and enjoy those simple every day occurrences for the miracles they are.

Buddha said that walking on water is a miracle.  I am sure Buddha meant this figuratively and that we all have the ability to walk on water.  Whether we walk on water or find ourselves walking through this dreary sludge called Life, is all in how we choose to view it. With eyes and a heart wide open,  we will see miracles all around us all day long.  I do.

Above is a miracle that showed up in my yard about six months before this photo taken. It was winter here in the Midwest, and he was cold, his hair was matted and he was looking for scraps of food against my back fence. I left food out for him by the back fence because he was afraid of me.  Within a week he was sleeping on my bed.  He surely is the  funniest cat I’ve ever had.  Tons of personality that has me laughing every single day. This funny furry four-legged guy is named Solomon. I know to many this is just another cat.  To me, he is a miracle.


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