Week 15–Let the Makeover Take Over!

It’s funny how your mind can take on a “mind of it’s own” so to speak, when you are not paying attention.  Have you ever experienced that?  Well, as we plow into Week 15 of the Master Key Course, I find myself looking at things, watching other people , enjoying others’ company with a different perspective. It’s not hugely different, but different nonetheless.  And then it occurred to me that my transformation is happening. It’s beginning to take hold.  New neural pathways are developing and I am beginning to looking at life differently than I have for many years.

And yet as excited as I am about my new Self, I am also noticing that I’m just about as fearful of breaking away from the old me that I’ve carried around for most of my life.  Because Fear trying to pull me back makes me even more aware of the fact that my reality is changing.  I’ve felt it several times in the past few weeks, and have become especially conscious of it when It comes to completing the Honor Requirements.  Yes, holidays get in the way but it’s more than that.  It’s the “mental” tug I’m feeling between my old and new Blueprint.   I’m caught in the middle and at this point I have to make a concerted mental effort to choose to move forward.  I know I’ve been at this point before, and I have too often given into the path of least resistance.

Thankfully, I  have–that is all of us in MKMMA has–these tremendous tools we can use to make this transition into Our Best Self.  This week’s introduction of the Franklin Makeover comes exactly at the right time.  For my first week, I chose Self Discipline as the virtue I needed most to develop.  I decided to change my weekly chores to daily chores–a small simple task that was manageable so that I could feel accomplished.  I congratulated myself for that step by saying to myself, “I’m the kind of woman who gets things done!” and yes it was said with enthusiasm!! I then recorded it.  I watched others carefully to see if there was anything I could consider as self-discipline.  Not so easy.  Maybe I was expecting too much.  Or maybe my experience with self discipline is so minimal, I couldn’t recognize it..  Since I needed to record different acts of self discipline, I decided I’d have to rely on my own. Once I did so, nI started noticing other’s self discipline as well.  Just as Mark said, once you become aware of something, you see it everywhere. The Law of Attraction thrives.


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