Week 12–5 Senses? And I was working with 3!

It never fails.  Every week from one class to the next, I am blown away by the creative exercises that Mark and Davene provide.  If you’re in the MKMMA class, you no doubt find yourself often thinking, “Yeah, I know this stuff.”  Maybe you think it isn’t new, but again, the way in which they present this material, is so innovative–and fun!   This is Knowledge Applied at its very best.   Maybe we’ve all heard the knowledge, but nobody makes us apply it like Mark and Davene.

I’m a big knowledge gal.  Can’t get enough.  I’ll buy a book, read it, maybe listen to it on tape, but often I do not apply it.  Now, after more than two months of progressing through exercises that alter the pathways in our mind that lead us to perform the same tasks over and over–bad or good, it doesn’t matter–we’re ready to take on the next step  in our progression towards our Best Self.  Simple yet why didn’t I think of using all five senses? This will provide the oomph and vitality we need to make our dreams larger than life.

I’ve used the senses seeing, hearing and often taste to associate with my DMP, but I haven’t used smell or touch.  It was interesting to hear Mark talk about Smell as being the most operative of the senses in terms of association with a desired goal. After thinking about it, it made so much sense….pun intended.  Think of a time when someone you loved left their jacket at your home.  Perhaps you lost a loved one and it crushed you to open their closet only to be hit squarely between the eyes with their scent. Maybe there was something that your grandmother or mother cooked for you when you were a child. Maybe it is the smell of her home when you walked through the door that comes to mind. Every once in a while I get a whiff of that scent, and there I am! Back in Grandma’s kitchen.

If you haven’t delved into this exercise, please do it.  This is the perfect time of year to do so.  Find Grandma’s family recipe, bake those cookies, and smell where they take you!


5 thoughts on “Week 12–5 Senses? And I was working with 3!

  1. Jacquie, that’s so true about the power of scent. I went to University in Austin, TX. I remember the first time I stepped off a plane there & breathed. The air was such a rich, luxurious moist combination of sweetness and sensual scents. It was nothing this northern gal had every experienced before and I LOVED it!! Each place has a scent, India, Mexico, their own scent. Activating those scents, or even just the memory of them, is definitely a quick way to bring me to the time and place. Here’s wishing you a rich, aroma-filled holiday! Blessings, Linda

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  2. Alohai, Jacqueline, Loren here — one of your five friendly MKE Blog Rovers, stopping by to read your latest; and to congratulate you for the awesome job you’re doing, consistently getting your blog post published week after week! When programming a new blueprint, the importance of compounding should not be underestimated. It appears you realize the importance of hitting the subconscious mind with everything in our arsenal. Good job!

    I leave you with a question, “if you knew you couldn’t do it wrong, what would you do next?” Please, let me know if this question valuably resonates.


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