Week 11–Feeling My OATS

Technology is amazing.  So much available at our fingertips.  I, myself, could never have imagined 25 years ago that I would be writing blogs, scanning food labels at the store, talking with friends and family through FaceTime, enjoying silly holiday videos and quips from Facebook, or that my entire life would be held inside a 2 by 3 inch computer.  Truly amazing.

Yet, with all this amazingness that has developed over the past 25 years, something not so amazing has happened.   I had become scattered, more unfocused and basically an inexplicable mess incapable of completing small  tasks that years ago would have been considered simple. I allowed myself to become a victim to all forms of technology and found myself wasting a great deal of time with information that does nothing to enhance my life.

With technology at our fingertips 24/7, it has become too easy for us at  to sit back and watch the world literally pass by without being a part of it.  We have become spectators who don’t participate in our own lives anymore.   We seem content to watch it.

We have forgotten the joy of being involved. As I’ve said in my earlier blogs, we need to move from being and begin doing.  That is why  MMKMA is such an amazing experience for me.  With Mark and Davene’s weekly webinars, readings and creative exercises, I have begun to emerge from that inert base of being into taking actions that I haven’t taken in years…..and in some cases never have taken.

And for those of us so attached to our bad habits,  OATS, is a must. I, as with some of the other exercises provided by the Master Key, have rebelled against keeping schedules. However, now thanks to the Law of  Forgiveness, I  am more easily able to forgive myself for these deviations.  I don’t beat myself quite like I used to. I just pick up where I left off and get back to the routine.  OATS maintains my sanity. It aids me in focusing, maintaining action and creating persistence.  Admittedly, I have not always kept my promises in regards to following the schedule and some of the exercises, but now that I have developed new and better habits, it happens less.

“Fortune is found in your daily routine.” I heard that in a meeting yesterday.   Kismet? Maybe.  All I know is that because of the MMKMA program, it is all gradually coming together. My self-confidence is growing, my peace of mind now is now within reach, the future is much much clearer and it all just feels better.  Harmony is a glorious thing!


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