Week 10–So Knowledge Doesn’t Apply Itself?

I am a professional student. I love to learn.  Beginning with elementary school and on through college I thrived on being the perfect student. I wish I could have been paid for it…I’d still be going.  Give me a book, a class, a webinar, I’m in.  I love learning the new and the old …as in history. “Jacquie of all trades, Master of none,” I would say with a smirk to myself and others.  Growth, forward thinking, staying relevant, I would call it when in reality I was lying to myself.

So, when Mark J used the term, “Knowledge does not apply itself,”  last week it crushed me.  It did…..and not because I had just realized that was what I had been doing all these years, but because it was so verbally and viscerally  spot on, and I just couldn’t  hide behind all this knowledge anymore without actually doing something with it.  I’ve hit the wall so to speak in the procrastination department.  There’s nowhere to go but forward at this time so when my friend told me about this class and I actually followed through with checking it out and finally becoming involved in the MKMMA community, I realized I was right where I needed to be. It couldn’t have all fallen into place at a better time.

I didn’t really need more information.   I just didn’t DO a lot with it. I wasn’t applying any  more than I absolutely had to.  Was I that lazy, that fearful, to move forward?   Seems so.   I needed to be held to some very tangible requirements, and yes, some of which I rebelled against and still do. I needed to hear real enthusiasm and feeling.  I needed to SIT and learn to focus.  I needed The Gal In the Glass every morning and every night to keep me accountable to the one who matters most. And it’s working! See my blog from Week 9.

I’m sure there are several other professional learners out there avoiding life the way I have.  Learning simply isn’t rewarding when you don’t use it.  If you can’t improve your life or the life of someone else with your knowledge then you have absolutely wasted yours. Please, please, please put forth the action. Turn your being into doing and make your life count.

A huge amount of thanks go out to Mark and Davene for their passion and their sincere devotion to the Give More, Get More philosophy which helps so many move forward in their lives. I am excited to be part of MKMMA and look forward to watching it grow!


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