Week 9 — Jacquie and Her Terrible Whatzit!

I could start out with a tirade…….my fight against change…..my mental diet abruptly beginning almost hourly…..my sense of defeat with the MKMMA program; but no because in less than 7 seconds I can turn that frustration, that angst and all my excuses for not following through on all the exercises into something to be thankful for.  The fact is that along with my resistance and rebellion against this change and formation of new habits, I am experiencing my mind’s own desire to reinvent itself with a new and constructive purpose.   I have a stronger voice and where I’m often indecisive for no good reason other than because it’s habit, I am now taking a firmer stance.  My limitations have not improved greatly and that’s okay,  because my own inherent strengths are growing.  This transformation seems much more natural to me.  By developing my strengths I am able to subdue my weaknesses.

Little by little, my limitations–my fears, my worries–have begun to recede into the background so that their influence becomes less overpowering.  It reminds me of a children’s book I used to read to my son and also to the students I taught called Harry and the Terrible Whatzit..  It’s about a little boy named Harry who is afraid of the monsters in his basement, but decides he must confront them when his mother doesn’t come back upstairs.  He decides to vanquish the monsters along with his own fears all at once.   After all, aren’t funny monsters so much more enjoyable than scary monsters? Yes, it’s actually that simple.  Take a strong feeling, put it to thought and go forth with the action.  Harry you’re my hero!

How will my fears, worries and concerns be alleviated?  By making them so small and so meaningless that essentially they just don’t matter.  That’s a lot to be thankful for this week.



6 thoughts on “Week 9 — Jacquie and Her Terrible Whatzit!

  1. Hi, Jacquie!, It’s Loren again, one of your four friendly MKE Blog Rovers, stopping by to let you know what an awesome job you’re doing, consistently getting your blog post published week after week! (all except last week, anyway)
    I don’t believe the numbers have been run yet; if they were, I‘m confident they would indicate a high correlation between those who have been handling their blog post tangible requirement the excellent way you have, and those who ultimately graduate with honors!
    Well done!

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    • Thanks so much for your comments, Loren. I love the feedback! Well, I’m trying to be true to self. I did miss Week 8 and was going to throw something fast together just before I wrote 9 because I didn’t want to look imperfect. But the fact is I’m not perfect and I do struggle with all this, so I just left out because that was the reality. I do love the blogs and look forward to writing more often when time allows.


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