Week 7 — Hey Stranger, Yes, I’m talking to ME!

Well, if this week’s topic didn’t hit me right between the eyes.  How did I not know this?  I think about my future all the time, but do I actually see me in my future?  No, I don’t!  I make sure I keep my distance from that stranger.  I don’t want to get close to her because by not doing so, I somehow am able to fool myself into thinking she doesn’t exist.  Since I haven’t created Future Jacquie, she doesn’t exist, and therefore, I don’t have to worry about her problems.  Talk about denial…sheeesh!

Once I realized I was doing this, I admit, I felt an immediate gut reaction–a visceral revulsion of sorts– my subconscious’ defense.  I mean, I knew all this stuff, right?  I knew I procrastinated about the future, but honestly, I didn’t know it like I did once Mark said, “Whatever you don’t deal with now, your future self will have to deal with. So make your future self, your best friend.”

Just goes to show. We are always learning.  And speaking of learning, let’s get on with the learning that actually adds meaning to our lives and creates a life that both you and your future self, your new best friend, are delighted with.


3 thoughts on “Week 7 — Hey Stranger, Yes, I’m talking to ME!

  1. Linda,
    I totally identified with you about your Future Self. I couldn’t see her at first but was able to a week ago and it was quite interesting. Nice job in putting your feelings into words. It was definitely from your heart. I enjoyed it. Have a Nice Thanksgiving.


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