Week 6 — Finding Relevance–Election Style!

Oh my, I do get sidetracked! I’m sorry but this election is too much! I’ve never experienced this in my lifetime. You can’t make this stuff up! It’s way too crazy. I readily admit that this obsession with it does not benefit  me directly It doesn’t add to my life. In fact, if anything it causes a great deal of anxiety. Wow! This has got to be one very anxiety-ridden country right now. A little Xanax in the country’s water system wouldn’t hurt.

Focus. What were the reasons I started Masterkey in the first place? I needed to focus, self motivate myself, set some specific goals and take action. Don’t take your eye off the target, so to speak. If there is anything I can take away from watching the candidates, is how driven they are. Trump campaigns tirelessly attending up to five rallies a day in four different states. The man is 70! Regardless of your thoughts about this election, it’s hard not to be impressed by the stamina of these candidates.  Can you imagine having that kind of determination at that age…that kind of urose.  Often as we get older we can lose a sense of urose.  Our children grow and begin their lives, erhas you live alone, or retirement is a roaching or and you notice little by little that you are  surrounded by staff that might be half your age.  Finding your urose as you get older is so important.  And you will have to modify it as you get older.

And that brings me to another reason MKE and it’s program aeals to me.  I’m learning skills, engaging in  exercises and relating to others my age who are now working to increase their success in the world of entrereneurshi .  Reading their comments on the site is so motivating. It’s great to surround yourself with such great creative and energetic minds of a mature population who have maintained relevance in their lives.  I look forward to all they have to share.




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