Week 5–Under the Wire

After a week that lived up to my intentions and desires as outlined in my DMP, I am back at it this week and admittedly making up for lost time.  But it was well worth it! One of my DMP goals was to spend time with my sister and to travel. Well, last week I spent eight days with my sister traveling! I can’t remember when I spent that much time with her…maybe 25 years ago???  To top it off, my sister arranged the entire over-the-top trip! All for my birthday…one of those milestone birthdays. Talk about feeling special! But seriously, it meant the world to me.  We travelled to Savannah (a big shout out goes to Karen Otto, concierge from the Plantation Inn who kept our wine glasses filled with the best Merlot I’ve ever had!), Charleston and then on to Epcott for the annual Food and Wine Festival. Memories to last a lifetime…..sister memories.

Having that time with my sister really reinforced my need to strengthen my focus and my commitment with MKMMA. As I made clear in my last post, I have lost a lot of time, gave upsome valuable life experiences, all because I didn’t want to take the time, could “do it later” or didn’t want to spend the money.  I’ll never get those experiences back, and I passionately want more of them now, not later, not never.

I’ve been an inherent believer of Law of attraction and yet all those years of belief didn’t  really do me any good, because although I felt some semblance of connection to it on both a conscious and subconscious level, I didn’t embrace it. I feared the commitment to something so deeply entrenched inside me when it was all I could do to keep up with everything happening on the outside.




2 thoughts on “Week 5–Under the Wire

  1. Jacquie, this is AWESOME. I am so glad that you and your sister connected and made such great memories together. That’s a real treasure! I also had the stated purpose to reconnect and out of the “blue”, my best friend in high school found me on Facebook messaging and we went right to a two-hour call to catch up (until our phones died). We’re planning to visit each other in the Spring. Isn’t this stuff awesome???


  2. Jacquie,
    What a neat way to spend a birthday. I’m glad you took the time to do it. Your memories that you made is something you will always cherish. You will get caught up so don’t dwell on this fact, but keep focused and learn new things for you. Thanks for reading my blog and have a wonderful Thanksgiving..

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