Week–4 Getting Real Now, Very Real

I originally wrote my blog this morning, saved it, then promptly lost it. Still tech challenged but the learning curve has noticeably been raised from Week 1. Look out 2017, my skills might be in high demand out in Silicone Valley! Baby step by baby step, right?

These steps have become even more important because I feel I am making up for lost time. I need to step up my game, establish some sort of relevance with a world that’s moving at lightening speed.

You see, today I turn 60. I am entering my seventh decade–to make it even scarier. My perspective has changed. So much of what I told myself I’d “do later” never got done. It’s as if I went to bed last night and woke up 20 years later. If any of you reading this are over 40, I know some of you can relate. Time does sneak up on you and as much as I always appreciated and respected the wisdom of my parents and grandparents when they told me how quickly time passes, I still managed to let it slip by anyway. So here I am now, firmly planted with limited time in front of me, hoping to make the best of my next 10, 20, 30+ (?) years and create new habits. I remind myself several times of those new habits and am learning through MMA to embrace and get excited about those habits instead of afraid of those new habits. How crazy it is to be afraid of creating something new and wonderful for yourself, and yet that is exactly what our neural connections are trained to do! We all know that we need to eliminate bad habits, but these daily exercises that Mark and Davine have put in place for us, work beautifully. And as for LOA, I knew this process was gifted to me at the perfect time! I have been dreaming and visualization a life filled with joy, health and success much more intensely this past several months.

One more thing, I have always felt blessed! Always! That is probably another reason I feel such a sense of urgency to become so much more proactive. Yep, I am lazy!! Yet I am grateful for all I have been given, and feel more urgently day by day a deep burning desire to deepen my commitment towards my life by focusing more time and energy on my PPN’s–True Health and Legacy–therefore leaving an even more enduring imprint in the world.

I appreciate all of you who are taking this journey with me. I hope to get to meet many of you, along with my guide Linda, who has just been incredibly kind and supportive. I’m one lucky gal!


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