Week 3–Overwhelmed and Exhilarated

I had the pleasure of speaking to the Fabulous Davene this evening during the Q & A segment of the DC webinar.  Oh my gosh, I’m using abbreviations!  I must be getting it.  I love how they have woven LOA into the work in such a logistical manner.  It all makes sense and all without the heavy duty commercial approach as you find through Esther Hicks, and the Secret.  All way too heady for me.  The fact is Law of Attraction is very real and the proof of that is in you!  We are our worst adversaries and our greatest cheerleaders.  Which one will you pick?  The fruit is ripe for the picking and all you have to do is believe–think–feel your way into the action that is your purpose!

Keep reading your Greatest Salesman and your Haanel.  And don’t forget the GUSTO!!  Do your chores, write your blogs, refine those DMP’s and look for those blue rectangles!  It’s all coming together.

And I think I’ve mentioned all of my resistance.  I love it.  I have tons of resistance from subby and find myself getting into some heated discussions with him.  I won’t let him have his way.  Not now.  Not until he thinks and responds to me in a manner that brings me joy, strength, confidence, discipline, energy, vitality, hope and abundance.

This might not make sense, but believe it or not I’m actually enjoying the angst that developing new healthy habits is bringing me.  I feel that the more the resistance, the better the transformation.  Thanks, Mark and Davene! This was meant to fall into my lap.  Thanks to my dear friend, Day, for sharing this great experience with me.



7 thoughts on “Week 3–Overwhelmed and Exhilarated

  1. And to think that your ever loyal Subby is doing EXACTLY what you directed it to do, and it’s VERY consistent. Have fun giving Subby a great new program! He lives to follow your lead. And I’m enjoying being along for the ride. Namaste

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  2. Wow, girl. Thanks for the shout out. The Law of Attraction brought me YOU as a dear friend! I’m so grateful I could give you this gift … and that you’re actually GETTING it! And Happy Birthday!!!!


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