WEEK 2–Jacquie Lombard

Oh, Resistance, begone….out with you!  Truth?  At times the learning curve seems more difficult than my new best friend, Mark, lets on.  All the discipline required of a college course indeed!  But little by little, I feel new thoughts forming.  In fact, I feel small actions taking place that wouldn’t have taken place a few weeks ago.  Ok, they’re teeny, but they ARE there! So hooray for the small steps.  Come on’ Subconscious, it’s time to change it up big time and approach the world  with a fiercely confident and passionate stance!

The “perfect student” in me is still a bit ruffled about not getting on top of all the tech-y stuff.  And, oh yeah, did I watch all the right videos?  Yep, I’m a bit video’d out right now.   Sorry, “About Me” page, I’ll get to you on Saturday when I have a day off.  As a matter of fact, I’m on my “Dashboard” now which thrills me to pieces, as I couldn’t find the page with “Dashboard” on it.  And now, it magically appears!  The Law of Attraction works………that is true.

I’m really looking forward to next week.  I get to spend some quality time with my sister, who lives in California.  I am in Kansas City, originally from California.  This time with my sister is much needed.   This happens to be a birthday trip pour moi that my sister has arranged.   We’re flying down to Atlanta, then driving to Savannah and onto Florida!  Praying for all the Floridians as I write.

Too much of every day life has gotten in the way and I admit that I have sacrificed some time traveling, visiting with family, etc. which I’ll never get back all because I thought I shouldn’t spend the money.  I’m not doing that any more.  Never again!  I loved the analogy in this past Week’s lesson about Joe who wanted to go to Hawaii, but wouldn’t commit to a future trip because of the current state of this bank account and yet the reality is that there are hundreds of flights to Hawaii everyday. I’ve been doing the same thing.  I’ve let the Poverty Mentality that has ruled my Subconscious guilt me out of enjoying precious life moments that I can never get back.  I can’t let subby do that.  Life really is too short.  I feel like I’ve spent the last decade in a coma.  Seriously!

Anyway, I’m done with that.  Thank you, Day Boswell, for sharing the Master Key Master Mind Alliance with me.  🙂



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