Week 1–Jacquie Lombard

I’m loving the new routine.  Well, sort of…..as I remember I was the perfect student who completed all her assignments, received A’s because B’s weren’t acceptable all because that was what I expected of myself. I told myself that that was what I had to be.  That way my story. I was the good girl.  Well, 20 years later, technology came along and has ruined everything.  Here I sit wondering if I should continue to write this blog on into eternity (as it seems easy to keep typing) or take my chances and lose it all in when I press “publish” and risk becoming the “bad student.”  Funny how those things stay with you.  It’s crazy how the fear based experiences of the past stay with you so much longer than the joyful moments.  Ugh!

Give me some time.  Although I have momentarily reverted to the “perfect student” image I maintained through out my years school years, after a couple days, I’ll either figure it out or try to remember my adage of –“Who the hell cares? It is what it is!”  I’ll take a couple deep breaths, continue to relax and enjoy the ride.

I really didn’t understand the degree of involvement required to be part of the Master Key Alliance. Yes, it really is like going back to college. I love the emphasis on auto-suggestion.  Driving it into your head multiple times a day (and with GUSTO!) should form new thoughts and then new habits.  I admit, there is definitely resistance especially now that the endorphins have worn off, but I’m aware of it and consider it a good thing because it means that change is taking place.  On with the new habits!!! I’m a bit more prepared for what’s to come. On with Lesson 2.





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